Welcome to Thing4!

Welcome to Thing4 community, a place where we discuss third party addons and ideas which can be run with openHAB. Come on and tell what is the next thing you plan to automate or do!

This forums is made to share ideas and concepts which may or may not fit openHAB. Because software frameworks come with certain constructions and assumptions, sometimes it is difficult to fit a new idea into them. We often run into situations where a typical answer on openHAB forums would be “it is a wrong idea, it does not fit this software”, simply because “this software” was not initially designed to handle such cases.
If you been told to “use pattern X”, “write a rule” or “store it as json”, you been actually told that you reached an end of out-of-the box use cases. These are valid answers and show you how to achieve required functionality with mechanisms available in software. We acknowledge these restrictions and know they come from existing constructions and earlier architectural design. Instead of making all this a dogma, we wish to look how to expand or introduce new mechanisms into software which will lead to better handling of end user requirements.

Our intention is to speed up deployment and also development of software solutions. What we will do here, at Thing4, might be deployed into openHAB runtime. Our goal is to make openHAB runtime do more for you.
If you ever wondered “why openHAB does not handle X”, “does Y in very strange way” or “makes Z very complicated task” , pleae come in and share your thoughts, findings and ideas how you would like it to be improved. Lets look together how we can make it happen.

Innovation always brings something new, a new thing, new service, design or pattern. We hope that Thing4 will help you build more on top of openHAB and push its hard limits forward. Imagine what Thing4 Heating Scheduling, Thing4 Energy Monitoring or Thing4 Predictive Maintenance could be.

A quick summary of what this forum is for:

  • This community is made for users and programmers, all people who would like to share new ideas and concepts which can be deployed on top of openHAB. It is not meant to provide a support or alternative of any kind for openHAB project itself.
  • You can find and report here interesting ideas and concepts which make deployment of certain functionalities in smart home/manufacture/machine/building easier (see we do not speak here only about home!).
  • Come here for less restrictive approach towards what this software can do for you, or what you can offer with that software.

Thing4 is a brand new community. Concept itself is not associated in any hard way with any open source project, commercial entity, association or group of interests. Since this forum is fresh it might also go away if it will not gaining enough of publicity and will fail making a interest.
Even if it will disappear somewhere in future, turning to be a temporary entity, it will hopefully bring a positive effect. For widespread open source community, openHAB community or further development of users registered here.

Initial sponsor of domain and hosting is Code-House, Łukasz Dywicki.